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Wedding Photo Booth - Birmingham

2017 is already becoming a popular year for wedding photo booth hire in Birmingham specifically. If your special day is during the months June, July and August then I would recommend to book very soon.

Please pay extra attention to who you hire with during this period, due to all companies being fully booked you will find it very difficult to determine which companies are 100% dedicated to running event booths as a full time job and which are simply using the booth to generate extra cash outside of the current full time job.

This isn't always a bad thing however if its part time then you will find in most cases the interest in quality of prints, customer service on the night will simply be part time also. On such a special occasion would you risk any room for error?

We will be writing regular updates on our blog on what to look out for when booking, a few points to get started with:

1) Check the event booth social media pages

2) Quality and quantity of props being used on the night

3) Quality of the prints

4) Lighting being used, are the images bright enough? or may a little to dark?

5) Frequency of the booth being hired

Remember being at the top of any search engine or directory doesn't mean quality.


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