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Homeless Dogs Looking For A Home - Check Out These Awesome Photo Booth Images

This 4-year old Doberman pincher may be a little too ready for her close-up.

It turns out that it’s not just 2-legged types who like to play in front of the photo booth camera, and the Humane Society of Utah set out to prove that by taking some snaps of the cutest dogs you will ever see, using a photo booth set-up to get the shots. They used this opportunity to show off the true character of the dogs to people that might be interested in adopting the pooches. It’s a unique approach that helps show off these beautiful animals in the best light possible, and you have to admit that the photo booth attendants did a wonderful job of making each animal look amazing. We can now only hope that all of these wonderful dogs now have a permanent home to call their own. [endif]

Holly is a 3-year old Bassett Hound, and while she may have sad looking eyes, she looks as though she is having fun here.

Buddy is a 2-year old Lab that still looks as though he is more puppy than grown-up

Andie is a 3-year old Boxer mix, and apparently a dog that doesn’t mind smiling for the camera.

Hercules is a 2-year old Rottweiler mix who is frothing at the mouth with excitement at the prospect of meeting his new mummy and daddy.

Anthony is a Lab, Pitbull mix who looks all business until that treat makes an appearance.

Rocco is an 11-month American Foxhound Mix who is guaranteed to hear every word you say, if those ears are anything to go by.

Justice is a 3-year old Australian Cattle Dog that simply can’t hide his joy at being in front of the camera.

Rocky is a 2-year old Pibble Prince who looks a little surprised to be getting this much attention.

Bear is a 3-year old German Shepherd who looks equal parts guard dog and canine model.

Rusty is a 13-year old Chihuahua who may be small in stature, but big in personality.

Star is a 2-year old Saffordshire Bull Terrier Mix. That wink suggests that she is a bit of a flirt.

Brownie is a 2-year old Labrador Retriever and Australian Cattle Dog mix that couldn’t be any cuter.

Chief is a 6-month old Hound Dog Mix who looks more than happy to let you become the boss.

Fuzzy is a 3-year old Bull Mastiff mix who looks playful and up for anything.

All images courtesy of the Humane Society of Utah

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