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Pick the perfect postbox for your party! Whether it's for a wedding, children's party, baby shower or any other special occasion our full size Royal Mail replica postbox will be the perfect prop. Standing 5ft tall it provides a great photo opportunity and unique talking piece.

For guests it makes posting cards, gifts and best wishes fun whilst the locked door with multiple keys gives the host security and peace of mind knowing that your precious cards are safely stored away until you decide to open the door on your very own Post Box!

Complete with  personalised front card displaying a message of your choice, our Post Box can be easily placed in any position inside or out.


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If you're expecting money or vouchers as wedding gifts on your big day, then you we will need a secure and lockable wedding post box.

When your beloved guests arrive at your wedding clutching envelopes containing their cards, gift vouchers or monetary gifts you need to have an obvious yet stunningly beautiful wedding gift box to receive them all safely and securely. So what could be better than THE top of the range wedding post box. Hiring one of our stunning, ideally sized and custom designed pillar box replicas is an absolute must to collect and take care of all of your wedding mail from loved ones during your wedding reception and kept safely and securely under lock and key.

Your friends and relatives will instantly recognise a distinctive and unmistakable Royal Mail post box as the safe haven for all of their cards and gifts and we professionally design and personalise the frontal information panel for you, not just with your names but with any information and to any design brief of your choosing with every wedding post box hire. 

Proudly standing at 5ft tall  our gorgeous royal mail ER mail box is the ideal size and height to take pride of place on the gift table or along with the cake and bridesmaid bouquets but taking second billing of course! And our unique top of the range item is cleverly and neatly embossed on the front with a quirky representation of the EIIR Royal Cypher of our longest reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, and approved by Buckingham Palace's Lord Chamberlain's Office adding to the fun and authenticity of this unique scaled down pillar box replica. And not only available in traditional post office red but in a multitude of beautiful colours to compliment and match your wedding theme and decor. 

And our post boxes are not simply just for weddings, but can also be hired for any type of celebration such as birthday parties, baby showers, bar mitzvahs, christenings, naming ceremonies etc. And also for corporate hire such as for competition entries, questionnaire forms, seasonal decoration and promotional campaigns to mention but a few.

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