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1.1 The customer shall be required to pay a small deposit upon booking.  Please note no booking can be held without the required deposit, the deposit is non refundable.
1.2 The Customer shall pay the full price (less any deposit paid) 60 days prior of the event. Should this not happen then Booth-Ology Photobooths has the right to consider the event to be cancelled and the deposit will be non refundable. Once full payment is received no refunds will be issued. Customers can transfer bookings to an alternative date but this is dependent on availability.
1.3 What the price includes is specifically stated in the proposals and itineraries sent out by Booth-Ology Photobooths. 

2.1 Bookings are required at all times and can only be made by contacting Booth-Ology Photobooths  direct via telephone, email or via our website.
2.2 A contract shall not come into existence between Booth-Ology Photobooths and the Customer until such time as a deposit is received and confirmed by Booth-Ology Photobooths.
2.3 The Customer shall be responsible for disclosing all information requested and any failure to do so, either through omission or accuracy, may result in the cancellation of the event at the discretion of Booth-Ology Photobooths.
2.4 Unless Booth-Ology Photobooths is notified of Cancellation 60 days prior to the event date by the Customer, the Customer shall be liable to indemnify Booth-Ology Photobooths in full for loss, costs, damages and charges incurred by Booth-Ology Photobooths as a result of the cancellation. Please inform us if you have a problem or delay in your payment.


3.1 It is the customer’s responsibility to make all members of their party aware of the details of our terms and conditions.
3.2 Should Booth-Ology Photobooths incur any costs as a result of the Customers actions then Booth-Ology Photobooths shall be entitled to recover these costs in addition to the Price already charged.
3.3 In all instances it is the Customer who will be deemed liable and not an individual.  any complaints, irrespective of nature, must be received by email to Booth-Ology Photobooths within 7 days of the Event.
3.4 For the safety of our customers in all instances it is the customers responsibility to make all their members aware that no food or drink consumption of any kind to be taken into the Booth-Ology photobooth, no alcohol bottles or glasses either if full or empty.
3.4 In all instances no objects deemed to be offensive to others to be brought into the Booth-Ology photobooth. Only props supplied by Booth-Ology photobooth to be used. Cigarettes cigars are not permitted even if they are not ignited.
3.5 No flash photography or film cinematography use of videos or cam-corders to be used inside the photobooth, this may affect the photographs taken in the booth and also infringe on our terms and conditions.

4.1 Booth-Ology Photobooths accept no liability for loss, damage, delay, inconvenience, or direct or consequential loss, however caused, unless due to the negligence of a Booth-Ology Photobooths employee. 
4.2 Every care will be exercised by Booth-Ology Photobooths in the arrangement of the Event, however, Booth-Ology Photobooths accepts no liability for unexpected and unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of Booth-Ology Photobooths.
4.3 Changes may be made to the Event to respond to unexpected UK weather conditions and or unforeseen circumstances, Booth-Ology Photobooths being entitled to exercise their discretion as appropriate.


5.1 No Servant or agent of Booth-Ology Photobooths can vary these conditions and any such purported variation shall be of no effect unless it has been signed and authorised by Booth-Ology Photobooths director.
5.2 Booth-Ology Photobooths may require any person to withdraw from any event at any time should it be deemed their acts are offensive or a nuisance to the other customers. Should this happen then there will be no entitlement to any refund or compensation and Booth-Ology Photobooths shall be under no further obligation or liability.
5.3 Booth-Ology Photobooths will not be liable to the Customer (other than for death or personal injury resulting from negligence) for any loss, injury or damage caused by third parties where such loss, injury or damage arises from the act or omission of the third party.
5.4 Booth-Ology Photobooths will not be responsible for the failure of the Customer (other than for death or personal injury resulting from the Booth-Ology Photobooths negligence) for any loss, injury or damage of any nature: Arising from any breach of the Conditions, Any negligence, breach of statutory or other duty on the part of Booth Ology Photobooths :In any other way out of or in connection with non-performance of or purported no performance of, or failure to perform the Services in accordance with the conditions: Shall be limited to the value of the Customers Booking only. Definitions of terms and conditions available on request.  These conditions form the whole agreement between the Customer and Booth-Ology Photobooths and may not be removed, varied or transferred in any way. 

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