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Starlight LED dance floors are perfect to hire for wedding receptions and corporate events. It is the most demanding product due to its unique effect and stunning look on any room or wedding venue. The Starlight dance floors have hundreds of LED built into them, which allow it to produce a twinkling effect. This effect gives a stunning focal point for the evening’s ceremony. One of the biggest thing is to picking the right dance floor is going to be knowing your crowd. This will help you to choose the right type dance floor for the occasion. Its having a special locking system that means if you do not have to have a square dance floor, the floor can also be made into a rectangle if required.This makes it perfect to use as a catwalk for a fashion show or as a walkway for a civil ceremony or awards night. This locking system ensures that the panels cannot come loose during even the most energetic dancing at your event.
Dance floors can be made into several sizes, maximum size is 16ft X 16ft.
Please find below different size examples.
16ft X 16ft
16ft X 14ft
16ft X 12ft
16ft X 10ft
14ft X 14ft
14ft X 12ft
14ft X 10ft
12ft X 12ft
12ft X 10ft
10ft X 10ft                      *Free delivery, installation and pick up
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